Mocha Wooden Easels

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Product Description

Our Mocha Wooden Easels are a simple and classy way to display plates, artwork, signage and more. This classic stand features a mocha painted finish and is available in 3 different sizes. It is adjustable and conveniently folds for easy storage. Packaged both for retail hanging or basic/ready-for-use.

*Item number followed by "B" = basic/ready-for-use packaging with UPC tag on leg.

**Item number without "B" = item comes on display card for retail hanging

Mocha Wooden Easels (Easels (Tabletop))
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5" Mocha Wooden Easel
Model: 41125
4" - 6.5"
Retail packaging 
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7" Mocha Wooden Easel
Model: 41127B
6.5" - 9"
Basic packaging w/ UPC tag 
$5.25 Add to Cart
9" Mocha Wooden Easel
Model: 41129B
8" - 10.5"
Basic packaging w/ UPC tag 
$6.75 Add to Cart